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1Do you have a female Whizzinator?Whizzinator Touch Products
2Do you ship international?Shipping
3Do you ship to P.O Boxes?Shipping
4How big is the Prosthetic?Whizzinator Touch Products
5How fast can I get my order?Shipping
6How long does the urine last?Synthetic Urine
7How many times can I use the Golden Flask?Whizzinator Touch Products
8How many years have you been making Whizzinators?Company
9How much fluid does the Golden shower make?Whizzinator Touch Products
10How much fluid does the Whizz Kit hold?Whizzinator Touch Products
11How much fluid does the Whizzinator hold?Multiple
12How much fluid is in the Golden Flask?Synthetic Urine
13How to clean your Whizzinator?Whizzinator Touch Products
14I have a faulty product, who should I contact?Multiple
15Is the LIl Whizz kit reusable?Multiple