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3 ways to have fun with your Whizzinator Touch

3 ways to have fun with your Whizzinator Touch

It has been a couple of days since your buddy Dale had asked you out to grab a couple of beers. Dale's a good guy and one helluva bass fisher, but that duck-calling son-of-a-bitch never seems to be around when the waitress drops off the check.  It's time to deliver Dale some of the ol' Whizzinator wrath.

 1. The ol' "I gotta go change my pants" whizzinator touch trick

Just before the night wraps up, and you gotta mean buzz (and tab) going, release the silent Whizzinator Touch valve.  Warm synthetic urine at body temperature will release in your pants making it look like you had an accident.  Dale likes to conveniently go to the bathroom before the check comes, but he's not a bad guy.  And now since you beat him to the punch, just say "Sorry Dale, I've been pissing my money away on buying you beers all the time.  Now I've pissed my pants -- gotta go!".  

Dale will have no choice but to feel bad and finally pick up the check.  Sure it looks like you got lose bowels, but hey -- Free Beer!

Whizzinator Touch Extreme Factor: 4/5

2. It's Raining, It's Pouring (synthetic pee), your old friend is snoring.

Tired of your buddy snoring all night? It's time to for one of them sheeps that he's been counting to pee on his dumb-ass face.  Get a couple of your buddies to grab a camera and pour out the Whizzinator Touch,  and pee on his face to wake his ass up!  He's going to be pissed -- so don't ever do this unless you know him real well, but once he calms down, it's all laughs -- and who knows...maybe y'all be the next youtube stars!

Whizzinator Touch Extreme Factor: 2.5/5

3. It's raining men!

Ladies, we got a great gag for your boyfriend who never seems to want to go anywhere except T.G.I.Fridays...on a Tuesday!  Grab a hold of one of them Whizzinators and tell your cheap, lazy man you gotta have a little talk and there's something that you've been meaning to tell him.  Real seriously sit him down and tell him " Honey, things are going real well with us, but there's something I gotta tell name....used to be Mike!"  Whip out the ol' Whizzinator Touch and scare the sh*t out of him! For an added bonus, make sure the synthetic urine is real warm and start peeing and say "And I like Golden Showers!".  Yeah, he'll freak out. But he will definitely get the point.  Explain it's all one funny gag, and you just wish that he's treat you more like the lady you are!  I see a Red Lobster reservation in someones future real soon!

Whizzinator Touch Extreme Factor: 5/5

Of course, these are all just jokes and fun ideas to entertain. You should ALWAYS follow all state, local, and federal laws when using any ALS product.