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Lil Whizz Kit Synthetic Urine Instructions

The makers of The Whizzinator are proud to introduce the new "Lil Whizz."  It is a non-refillable one time use, disposable 3 oz belt.  Everything you need right out of the box.  The premixed synthetic human urine reacts and feels like real urine when used as directed.  You cannot contract any infectious diseases from this product and is chemically similar to real urine.  The synthetic urine stays good for one year.  

1.  Do not remove the plug before using the provided sample.  Close the plastic clips on the tubing and cut the hose to the desired length. This should ONLY be done the day of use. If the hose is cut before the day of use, it will run the risk of growing harmful bacteria.
2.  Unwrap ONE heating pad from its plastic wrapper. Apply ONE heat pad with the sticky side directly to the back side of the bladder opposite the Temperature label. The heating pad should be sandwiched between the bag and the belt. The heating pad will automatically activate when exposed to air.
3.  Decide where you are going to wear the Lil' WHIZZ, It can be worn around your waist, thigh, or rib cage area.
4.  When product is worn correctly the temperature label will be in contact with your skin, and the tubing hanging downward free of any kinks.
5.  Depending on current temperature the product could take up to 1 hour to reach a lifelike, realistic temperature.
6.  The temperature label MUST read green between 96-100 degrees.                                                          
7.  Your body heat and heating pad COMBINED will maintain the proper temperature for up to 8 hours.  
8.  Product is not made to be refilled or reused.