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replying to texts

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That Awkward moment when you have to stare at a text for five minutes to figure out how to reply... We've all had those moments, but what about that text about Synthetic Urine?  How do you reply to that?  

The question that we get most often is how do you get the synthetic urine refills to the correct, life-like and realistic temperature?  Using our organic heating pads, you can be sure to hit the correct temperature every time!  Just remove the heating pad out of it's plastic wrapper, shake slightly then apply to whichever product you are using.  Be sure to apply the heating pad to the opposite side of the temperature strip.  Once you have the heating pad applied correctly, be sure to wear the product with the temperature strip directly against your skin.  Wear the product for at least 1 hour without checking the temperature.  Once you have waited the hour, you can briefly pull the product away from your skin to be sure you are at the correct temp by reading the black area behind the white numbers.  The green area should be between 98-102.  

If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (888) 895-7016

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