The Whizzinator Touch Blog

The New Whizzinator

So what happened to the old Whizzinator? 

Well the old owners at Puck Technology where up to no good apparently.  The Whizzinator 5000 was sold as a device for testing purposes.  The federal government didn't like that too much and shut them down.   
Here at A. L. S , we love ourselves a good prank.  That's why our Whizzinator's are sold for Novelty use only!   
We have taken the old Whizzinator and improved it on many levels.  


1.  An easy squeeze valve.  Just touch the end of the penis and let it flow!
2.  2 security valves.  Never leaks!  
3.  New and improved prosthetic colors.  Your Whizzinator has never been more realistic! 
4. Easy Squeeze valve is completely silent!  Your friends will never know when its coming...
5. Have a question about our products?  No problem,  give us a ring!  We have live reps waiting to assist you with any questions about our products you may have.  9-5 pm PST ,  5 days a week!  
6. Our new improved Whizzinators come with the most advanced toxin free synthetic urine available.