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There are a lot of people that pretending to sell the Whizzinator Touch, but ours are direct from the manufacturer.

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What is the Whizzinator Touch?
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The Whizzinator Touch is a synthetic urine device that silently releases pee at body temperature through a life-like prosthetic penis. Most often people use synthetic urine as a device to simulate "wet sex", or what some people call a golden shower. Sometimes other people use it as a funny gag, or as a life-like penis for movies and photos. Whatever you plan on using your Whizzinator Touch for, please be sure to follow all local, state and federal laws.

Please note that all of our synthetic urine products contain the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent.

Why are we the world's most trusted brand with over 15 years of experience! Find Out Below..

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is the same exact chemical make up of real urine. There is absolutely no difference between a cup of real urine and synthetic urine. In fact, if you were to ask a urine expert -- which you could say that would be us -- which urine is real and which urine is fake...we would have no idea as long as it is the Alternative Lifestyle Systems brand of synthetic urine (called the Golden Shower).

There are some synthetic urines out there which are just food coloring and water. You can always tell that those are fake and we recommend avoiding any other type of synthetic urine aside from ALS (Alternative Lifestyle System). People have tested the quality of their urine compared to the real urine, and there is no difference except for that when you are using a Whizzinator Touch is that you don't spread nasty diseases that can be spread through urine.

Please note that all of our synthetic urine products contain the correct uric acid, ph, color, foam & scent.

Where can I get the Whizzinator?

There are only two places to get the Whizzinator Touch: through an authorized Alternative Lifestyle Systems dealer and through ALS themselves. We are authorized dealers and have been for quite sometime. We have a direct connection to the manufacturer of the Whizzinator Touch and can ship and sell your product ASAP.

We're all about synthetic urine devices and offer only the best that are available out in the market.

There are so many sites that claim to be whizzinators, which one should I choose?

It is true that within the past few years there have been many new companies claiming to be makers of the Whizzinator, or some type of name similar to our trademarked name.

Some of these knock-offs are pretty good, some others -- not so much. In fact, we hear horror stories all the time about how someone ordered an inferior Whizzinator knock-off for a lower price and either got skunked on the price of shipping, or just realized that the quality was terrible.

What to look for in a whizzinator

We'll first of all, never ever, and I mean NEVER EVER order a whizzinator product that is not manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle Systems. ALS has been around for over 15 years, and they are the original Whizzinator manufacturer. Although, ALS is the oldest and most trusted manufacturer of Whizzinator's and adult products, that does not mean that these guys are not focused on innovation. ALS is out to make the highest quality products with the latest technology, and they're always creating new exciting products.

In fact, we always say that when you are looking for a synthetic urine product remember the "A.L.S." acronym. A = Actually works L = Lifelike S = Silent.

You'd be surprised on how many Whizzinators and Synthetic urine devices are out there that don't 1. Actually work 2. does not look like a real penis and 3. is not silent.

your weird looking no vein dick that barely dribbles a drop of pee! C'mon. That's crazy. And some of these sites are charging over $100 for these awful systems.

That's right, you'd be amazed how loud some of the other manufacturers valves are. The last thing that is natural when taking a piss is hearing a loud SNAP! sound from your weird looking no vein dick that barely dribbles a drop of pee! C'mon. That's crazy.

If you want something that works -- you have to use an Alternative Lifestyle System product. The product colors are life-like and the penis looks incredibly real because they actually make adult toys that even porn stars can't tell if its a fake penis or not.

Their Whizzinators come in many realistic flesh tone colors: White, Tan, Latino, Brown and Black. All of these prosthetic penis' use an amazingly silent, one-touch release valve that works just like your are grabbing your penis to pee. The whole process of using this device is like the same natural flow of when, well...you need a natural flow.


Because ALS has been in business for so long, they have negotiated shipping rates from all the major shipping providers, saving you tons of cash on shipping. They also have a qualified team to manage fulfillment in real-time. That means as soon as your order is put in, it is already being processed. And as long as you make the cut-off time, which is typically one hour later than what other people can do, you can get your product overnighted to you! Incredible service, discreet shipping, and the most lifelike product on the market makes the Alternative Lifestyle Systems Whizzinator Touch products your best option for synthetic urine on the market.

Female Whizzinators

Yes ladies, it is true! There are female synthetic urine devices available as well. Why? Because sometimes it is better to give than to receive. And when you are talking about a synthetic urine device, you want to make sure that you are performing your wet sex acts as clean and safe as possible as well. Female Whizzinators are offered through the Whizz Kit and the Little Whizz

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